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Outdoor Patio Pergola

Outdoor Patio Pergolas are a great addition to any backyard. Whether for a summer barbeque, a cozy winter evening, or just relaxing with the family, it makes for a great outside living room area. Once you’ve decided to make the addition, it’s time for the fun part to begin. Decorating! The way you choose to decorate your outdoor patio pergola will set the tone for the type of environment it is going to be. Here are some things to consider when getting started on your design ideas: Things to Consider When Decorating Your Outdoor Patio Pergola! Lights & Candles:Hanging out on your pergola at the end of the day is a great way to unwind. But you don’t want to sit in the dark! You’re definitely going to want to add some lights on your patio and there are lots of different styles to choose from. Hanging lights will add [...]

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How to Build a Gazebo Roof

With the weather getting cooler, the rain will be on its way (hopefully.) If it comes or not, it is still important to make sure that your custom gazebos are protected from the rain and the sometimes harsh winters. Custom Gazebo: How to Build a Gazebo Roof If your custom gazebo does not have a roof, here are a few tips on how to build a gazebo roof. Step one may seem obvious but it is important. Picking the type of wood. It may seem obvious but you need to know the conditions of where your custom gazebo is located and what you want the custom gazebo roof for.Is it to protect your custom gazebo from the rain or is it simply to put a roof over the heads of who is under it? Step two is to make a design for it. Do you want an open roof or [...]

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Park Gazebos

Imagine strolling alongside a park sidewalk on a cool fall day, suddenly it starts to rain. While scampering for shelter, you take refuge under a cozy park gazebo. Enjoying the comfort under the park gazebo, you ponder about the usefulness of Park Gazebo structures. Lets do some research! Park Gazebos : Custom Gazebos A park gazebo can be a custom gazebo. It can be something designed specifically for that park or for all of them in the area, but they are created for a purpose. A custom gazebo can be built from the hands of people who care about what they are designing and then creating a masterpiece for hundreds or even thousands to view and use for many years to come. Custom gazebos are built to hold up throughout the years and during the storm seasons or the hot and humid summer heat. Park Gazebos can range from many [...]

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Gazebos For Sale

When looking for your Gazebo, you want to make the right choice. This can be difficult with there being so many different options for gazebos for sale. Two popular choices for gazebos are the Roman and Pavilion style gazebos! Here’s what they each have to offer you. Roman Column and Pavilion Gazebos for Sale Roman Column Gazebos: The design of the Roman Column gazebos includes exactly what their name says: Roman Columns. This is definitely its defining feature and what seats them apart from the other types of gazebos for sale. Depending on the shape and size of your gazebo, you could have anywhere from three to six roman columns as the foundation of your spectacular gazebo! While a popular design has four columns and a square shape, don’t be hesitant about getting creative! There are also a lot of different options like the Roman Column Gazebo with six roman [...]

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Cost of a Gazebo

With technology being more popular than ever, fewer and fewer people are spending time in their neighborhood parks. Playgrounds are competing with Wii Sports and people are choosing their computers over outdoors. With the glare from the sun, using a tablet or phone outside is almost never a popular option. Adding a gazebo can encourage people to come outside and relax even if it is a really hot or rainy day. Here are three benefits of adding a gazebo to your park. Cost of a Gazebo: 3 Reasons to add a Gazebo to Your Park 1. Aesthetically Appealing Gazebos are beautiful additions and can be the centerpiece of your park. Whether you choose the Newport style or Malibu style people will enjoy looking at, sitting under, and taking pictures with your gazebo. People often choose parks with gazebos for locations of beautiful photo shoots for engagements and weddings. A licensed [...]

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Custom Gazebo Designs

Thinking about getting a custom gazebo for your backyard? Great! We’re here to help. There are so many beautiful custom gazebo designs to choose from, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Some of the gazebos seem similar and you want to make sure that you make the right choice for your custom gazebo design. When choosing a gazebo, people often struggle to decide between the Newport Style and Malibu Style because they want that classy, elegant, yet effortless look. Well, here are the similarities and differences laid out for you. We hope that this will bring you one step closer to choosing the right custom gazebo design. Custom Gazebo Designs: Newport Vs. Malibu Similarities Flexibility of Size: Both of these gazebos can come in all different sizes ranging from 8’ to 12’. Color: While you have the option to choose what kind of wood and what color the gazebo is in. [...]

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Newport Gazebos

Gazebos come in many different styles and each style has beautiful features that make it unique to others.  The Malibu Style Gazebo is known for its distinctive wooden roofs, while the Roman Column Gazebo is reminiscent of ancient roman architecture. The Newport Gazebo, though, is often a favorite amongst people landscaping their new backyards for its ability to elegantly transform an atmosphere while being versatile in its functionality. Four Reasons you should add a Newport Gazebo to Your Backyard The Roof - A signature piece of the Newport Gazebo is the unique design of the roof. While it can be designed with many different types of material, the overall structure of it remains the same. It is a layered roof, reminiscent of a beautiful, antique birdcage. People love the roofs on the Newport Gazebo. You have the option to choose from many different types of roofs including terra cotta, hickory, weatherwood, [...]

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Gazebo Ideas For Decks

Not too long ago, I went to a quaint little backyard wedding. The backyard was gorgeous and the decorations were divine. Although the yard was filled with many attention drawing garnishes and adornments, there was one particular part of the wedding that tied everything it all together. The centerpiece of the wedding was a beautiful custom gazebo that was the perfect complement to the ceremony as the couple stood under it and recited their vows. The gazebo made for the most beautiful wedding pictures of the bride, groom and bridal party. I paid a visit to that home again a few months later, this time for a family barbeque. The gazebo provided the necessary break from the sun that we all eventually needed after being in the pool for hours. Gazebo Ideas For Decks: Is A Gazebo Right For Me? Thinking your deck is too small for a gazebo? Think [...]

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Sunjoy Gazebos

Sunjoy gazebos are different from other gazebos. As their name implies, they are made especially to deal with the sun to give the consumer the maximum amount of joy. That is, they are made with one purpose in mind: shade. These gazebos usually do not have a base or anything like that. What they do have is four pillars or supports holding up the roof, which of course provides the shade. While some people seek different qualities in gazebos, Sunjoy gazebos are made especially for those who need nothing but shade above their head and the occasional cross breeze. Of course, gazebo builders will gladly customize such a gazebo for you, or you can try to find a mass-produced one that suits your liking. Sunjoy Gazebos: Finding the One Finding the right gazebo for you is a matter of preference. While the basic design of Sunjoy gazebos remains the same, [...]

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Custom Gazebo Kits

Custom gazebo kits are great to purchase when wanting to build a gazebo with one’s own hands. The simple joy of building something oneself often starts as early as childhood in the form of blocks or Legos. Of course, as one gets older, so does the sophistication of the things one builds. Adults can often be found putting together Ikea furniture with relative ease (pictures are quite helpful). However, for those of us who are truly daring, acquiring a custom gazebo kit is a great way to become gazebo builders in one sense of the word. Getting started is not too difficult. Seeing the project to high-quality completion might be, however. Custom Gazebo Kits: Following Instructions Of course, in the same fashion that one follows Ikea pamphlet instructions for building bookshelves, one must follow custom gazebo kit instructions when building gazebo kits. However, following instructions to a tee becomes much [...]

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