Growing up my neighbor had a hot tub. The best part about it was we could go in it whether it was rain or shine, because they had a custom gazebo covering it. It was one of the coolest things for us because we could be relaxing in the hot tub while the rain poured down around us, without us getting wet from the rain.

Hot Tub Gazebo Type

 We now have our own hot tub, but it doesn’t have a gazebo so once it starts raining, we are not able to use it. We don’t have a custom gazebo over our hot tub to protect us from getting sunburns. My dad has always talked about building one, but that project of his hasn’t quite been accomplished yet.There are a few different options when it comes to how a hot tub gazebo would actually look if it was to be built.

Design: Would you want it to be fully enclosed for all seasons or have a part of it open so there can be fresh air or just have the main ceiling over it with all the sides open? There are many various options and depending where you are located would probably be a major factor in this piece of the decision.

 Accessories: The best excuse for investing in a new project is the accessories you can include with it. Whether it is a mini bar or an outdoor kitchen near the newest hot tub gazebo. With a custom gazebo for your hot tub you can enjoy it during the summer, fall, winter and spring. No matter the weather it will be enjoyable all year long rather than just a few quick months.