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Not too long ago, I went to a quaint little backyard wedding. The backyard was gorgeous and the decorations were divine. Although the yard was filled with many attention drawing garnishes and adornments, there was one particular part of the wedding that tied everything it all together. The centerpiece of the wedding was a beautiful custom gazebo that was the perfect complement to the ceremony as the couple stood under it and recited their vows. The gazebo made for the most beautiful wedding pictures of the bride, groom and bridal party. I paid a visit to that home again a few months later, this time for a family barbeque. The gazebo provided the necessary break from the sun that we all eventually needed after being in the pool for hours.

Gazebo Ideas For Decks: Is A Gazebo Right For Me?

Thinking your deck is too small for a gazebo? Think again. Custom Gazebos add just the right amount of flare to your yard, whatever size it may be. Gazebo One designs custom gazebos to fit the need of your individual space and landscaping and there are a vast variety of different gazebo ideas for decks. Many of our Gazebo ideas for decks stem from four basic styles that we alter and change depending on the need or desires of our customers.

Gazebo Ideas For Decks: Styles

Some stylistic gazebo ideas for decks are Newport style, Malibu style, Roman Columns, and Pavilion and Arbor gazebos. With such a large variety of custom gazebo styles, there is sure to be one that fits your backyard and is sure to give it the ambience you’re looking for whether it’s first-class and sophisticated, or playful and relaxed. Although all gazebos essentially serve the same purpose, each design has a different tone and provides a unique atmosphere to the yard it’s in.


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