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Gazebos come in many different styles and each style has beautiful features that make it unique to others.  The Malibu Style Gazebo is known for its distinctive wooden roofs, while the Roman Column Gazebo is reminiscent of ancient roman architecture. The Newport Gazebo, though, is often a favorite amongst people landscaping their new backyards for its ability to elegantly transform an atmosphere while being versatile in its functionality.

Four Reasons you should add a Newport Gazebo to Your Backyard

  1. The Roof – A signature piece of the Newport Gazebo is the unique design of the roof. While it can be designed with many different types of material, the overall structure of it remains the same. It is a layered roof, reminiscent of a beautiful, antique birdcage. People love the roofs on the Newport Gazebo. You have the option to choose from many different types of roofs including terra cotta, hickory, weatherwood, and antique slate.
  2. Elegance – The Newport adds an element of elegance to your backyard. In all white, this gazebo is certain to be the focus point of your yard during any party or gathering that you have.
  3. The Inside – The picket fence styled low walls, create a picturesque view from not only the outside, but the inside as well and the view from the inside of the Newport Gazebo roof is amazing. The layered roof creates a mesmerizing multi-dimensioned look from the inside.
  4. Functionality – Once you have decided on your Newport Style Gazebo, you will be able to furnish it better to have the function that you want out of it. Whether you want to add a table and some chairs to create a Sunday breakfast nook, or a few simple benches for people to relax on after getting out of the pool, there is no wrong way to furnish your Newport Gazebo.
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