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Gazebos are a great thing to have at any season. A great part about California is that you can be outside 90% of the year (besides the occasional storm.) While pool parties may not be ideal all year round, enjoying the cool and crisp winter air for the holidays may be inspired.


Being able to have a covering in the backyard over the food platters or the spa for those brave enough to venture into the cold can at least have a bit of warmth from the cold with a gazebo. You may not want one all year round, so being able to have a gazebo that you can rent would be ideal.


Custom Gazebos that you can rent is a great way to go when it comes to having a unique decor and a magical night of parties or simply a nice day out enjoying the sun with a bit of shade.


Gazebo are perfect for a day out at a park where you can have covering for the individuals and the food dishes that wish to not get burnt by the sun (or melted by the sun.) There are many reasons why having a gazebo is ideal.


Gazebo rentals can be ranged from various prices and can be rented for different amounts of time. They are ideal for any venue and for any time of year.


There are many various options and designs to choose from so you can have plenty of them to look at to find the one that is most suited for you and for your event that you want to hold.


You can dress them up or dress them down for whatever occasion you seek fit. Whether it is hanging lights on them or flowers around the gazebo, the choice is ultimately your own.


The other ideal option to look at when getting ready to rent a gazebo is how you want it to look. Would you want just the roof or would you prefer a full circular gazebo?


There are many great options and ideas to choose from and here at Gazebo One we are here to make it the ideal suit for you and your needs.

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