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Are you considering adding a gazebo to your yard or park but you’re not sure if it is something that you can afford or will be a good addition to your scenery? You’re not alone. So many people see their dream gazebos in their friends’ yards but aren’t sure if it’s something that they can manage. Here are some answers to some questions like “How much are gazebos,” and other questions that you may be having about buying a gazebo.

How Much Are Gazebos? And Other Questions…

What kind of Gazebo should I get?
When it comes to picking the perfect gazebo, your options are endless. Many people are unaware that gazebos come in many shapes, sizes, and styles and can be customized to fit just about anyone’s taste. Here’s the rundown on a few popular custom gazebo styles:

  • Newport: Newport Style Gazebos are a popular addition to backyards that are aiming to for the large and elegant look. With the three-tier roof and graceful picket fencing, the Newport Gazebo resembles that of a sophisticated bird house that you won’t want to fly away from!
  • Malibu: The Malibu Style Gazebo is similar to the Newport Style Gazebo, the main difference being that the roof is made up of two tiers instead of three. Just like the Newport Style, this type of gazebo comes in many different sizes to ensure that you can get a gazebo that fits your backyard just right!
  • Roman: The Roman Column Gazebo has more of a bold and simplistic look and is a popular addition to parks and other open areas. With the number of pillars ranging from three to six and the roof shape that can be changed from rectangle to hexagon, your creative options are unlimited when it comes to customizing your Roman Style Gazebo.

What are the functional uses of gazebos?
Aside from looking fabulous in your yard, gazebos have so many operational uses. First, there is the obvious one, of course: shade. While having shade can seem like a small deal, in many situations that guaranteed extra space of shade can be a lifesaver. Consider a family barbeque: It is a lovely sunny day and all of the kids are having a blast in the pool. The music is blasting and the barbeque is going. Many of the adults will choose to go inside of the house if there is not a shady space available. Adding a gazebo to your backyard can mean adding to the amount quality time that your family gets to have.

In other situations, where you may want to be outside, but there is rain, a gazebo comes to the rescue once again. What can be more relaxing than a Saturday of reading your favorite novel outside under your gazebo while watching the rain fall. While gazebos are becoming increasingly popular for people to add to their backyards, businesses are also starting to hop on board. Adding a gazebo to a business environment can add an extra amount of comfort to your work atmosphere. A gazebo for your business can provide a nice haven for employees to retreat to for their lunch and other breaks and can make for a great unconventional meeting area.

How much are gazebos?
Asking “How much are gazebos” can be an intimidating question. The price of a gazebo can range from $150 to $15,000 depending on the brand, design, and materials used. With a broad price range like that, there is certain to be an affordable gazebo option for your home, park, or other property.  The simple, portable gazebos can be purchased at your local home improvement stores and will be on the low end of the price spectrum whereas the custom made, permanent gazebos will be more on the expensive end.

Is my yard to small for a gazebo?
Absolutely not! Adding a gazebo to a small yard often makes the yard look larger and more spacious than it is. Many small yard owners often add a gazebo to act as a centerpiece for their yards.  Because custom gazebos are so versatile in the way that they are constructed, finding one that fits your specific yard and architectural needs is not a difficult task. Whether you are adding a shaded space for people to retreat from the California sun, a decorative embellishment for your friends to be charmed by, or an accessory to your pool area, there is a gazebo that can be custom-made to fit your needs.

If you have any questions about what type of gazebo will fit your home, park, or business don’t hesitate to look at some examples at


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