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Park Gazebos

Imagine strolling alongside a park sidewalk on a cool fall day, suddenly it starts to rain. While scampering for shelter, you take refuge under a cozy park gazebo. Enjoying the comfort under the park gazebo, you ponder about the usefulness of Park Gazebo structures. Lets do some research! Park Gazebos : Custom Gazebos A park gazebo can be a custom gazebo. It can be something designed specifically for that park or for all of them in the area, but they are created for a purpose. A custom gazebo can be built from the hands of people who care about what they are designing and then creating a masterpiece for hundreds or even thousands to view and use for many years to come. Custom gazebos are built to hold up throughout the years and during the storm seasons or the hot and humid summer heat. Park Gazebos can range from many [...]

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Gazebos For Sale

When looking for your Gazebo, you want to make the right choice. This can be difficult with there being so many different options for gazebos for sale. Two popular choices for gazebos are the Roman and Pavilion style gazebos! Here’s what they each have to offer you. Roman Column and Pavilion Gazebos for Sale Roman Column Gazebos: The design of the Roman Column gazebos includes exactly what their name says: Roman Columns. This is definitely its defining feature and what seats them apart from the other types of gazebos for sale. Depending on the shape and size of your gazebo, you could have anywhere from three to six roman columns as the foundation of your spectacular gazebo! While a popular design has four columns and a square shape, don’t be hesitant about getting creative! There are also a lot of different options like the Roman Column Gazebo with six roman [...]

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Cost of a Gazebo

With technology being more popular than ever, fewer and fewer people are spending time in their neighborhood parks. Playgrounds are competing with Wii Sports and people are choosing their computers over outdoors. With the glare from the sun, using a tablet or phone outside is almost never a popular option. Adding a gazebo can encourage people to come outside and relax even if it is a really hot or rainy day. Here are three benefits of adding a gazebo to your park. Cost of a Gazebo: 3 Reasons to add a Gazebo to Your Park 1. Aesthetically Appealing Gazebos are beautiful additions and can be the centerpiece of your park. Whether you choose the Newport style or Malibu style people will enjoy looking at, sitting under, and taking pictures with your gazebo. People often choose parks with gazebos for locations of beautiful photo shoots for engagements and weddings. A licensed [...]

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